Privacy Policy

Here, we have detailed the user privacy practices. Please read them and contact us if you have any questions.

Personal identification information

Users of SnapTik can simply use the website without the need to disclose their personal information. We do not store any of their ID details; they can be provided only on a voluntary basis. Users can accept or decline to share their personal information. SnapTik is not responsible for any fake or incorrect information provided by the Users. If we discover such incidents, we will ban users from accessing and using SnapTik and our services.

Changes to this privacy policy

SnapTik, if the time comes, may modify its privacy policy as necessary. We will put an update announcement on the main screen for users' notifications when a new version is released. We suggest users check this page on a regular basis for changes so that they become aware of the ways in which we protect the personal information gathered. By way of SnapTik you should indeed check the privacy policy now and again and stay aware that any modification in it might take place as well.


On SnapTik, we show advertisements to help contribute costs for non-commercial actions. These ads are from advertisers, who may apply cookies to gather non-personal data. Data that refers to the names or email addresses are not collected. Users do not have to consent to the ads and are free to revoke the use of cookies or to quit our app or website at any moment.

Acceptance of Terms

Agreeing with our Terms of Service, using the SnapTik App is a voluntary activity. If you cannot agree, please do not use our services. Your continued use of the services after any changes to this policy will indicate your acceptance of those changes.